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Top 5 Remote Control Toys

Top 5 Remote Control Toys

Discovering Sex Tech

In the last few years sex-tech has continued evolve to keep play and intimacy alive no matter the distance. Remote control toys are wonderful to add a bit of spark and play to a date or become very helpful for couples in long distance relationships. These kinds of toys can also become helpful with dating apps, or if you want to engage with someone new you're seeing.

These toys have the ability to control from a distance that can stretch worldwide, from Australia to London, or locally, from the bar to bedroom.


Moxie remote controlled toy



With it's unquie magnetic clip, the Moxie is designed to sit comfortably around the clitoris so the user will feel external vibrations. With the magnet it gives the user the freedom to choose the position the vibe sits, as we are all anatomically different the user can choose to wear the Moxie higher or lower on the underwear. Moxie also doubles as being a powerful bullet, so if one doesn't want to be out in public, they can use this toy in their own privacy.

Shop Moxie here.



Bond Vibrating Cockring remote and app sex toy


A perfect penis ring that can be worn walking out in public. With it's vibration bulb, this can rest on the prostate and vibrate when walking and your partner controlling. Bond is unique as it is adjustable, the clip on element makes this toy much more user friendly and comfortable for the penis owener to take on and off. Additionally as the vibration is quite powerful, the vibration will travel, essentially making the penis the vibrator.

Shop the Bond here.



Dodson remote controlled app sex toy female pleasure



A unique design to have an app remote compatibility is the Dodson by female led team, Vibio. Hyper-flexible, small and silky soft mini wand vibrator.  Perfect for the user who likes something small and travel friendly. 

Shop the Dodson Mini Wand here.




Phoenix Neo sex toy for only fan creators and app tech sex toys


Phoenix Neo

The ultimate internal wearable vibrator. The Phoenix Neo nestles between the vaginal walls stimulating the G-spot and all the pleasure found around it. The unique element of the this toy is it's ability to connect for camming and tipping, so for platforms like Only Fans this toy allows a new way to interact with your audience from a distance. This is done through the app FeelConnect. A little cheeky feature the Pheonix Neo includes is its little red light on the external tail end, this light can be turned on and off by the user or the app controller but it is a great indicator to viewers as they're able to see the toy on by the light.

Not only this, but the Phoenix Neo has the ability to register the sounds atmosphere around it, vibrating in sync with the sounds atmosphere. This gives a whole new level of erotism to the user, as you can be feeling sound of someones voice inside you.


Shop the Phoenix Neo creator toy here. 





Chorus ultimate couple sex toy for every couple enjoy. Remote controlled and app toy for around the world.




Now a very recognised and popular couples remote control toy is We-Vibes Chorus. Chorus has a C-shape design, letting either end hug a pleasure spot. The top bulb hugging the clitoris, and the bottom end secure inside the the g-spot. This toy has been crafted so the user can also have penetrative sex while wearing. The unique element of the Chorus is the squeeze touch remote it is accompanied with. The impressive technology within the remote allows for the user or partner to squeeze the remote control and the vibration highten, so you can be completely in the moment and feel the sensation travel. 


Shop the Chorus Couple toy here.



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