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How to have an Energetic Orgasm

How to have an Energetic Orgasm

What are Energetic Orgasms? 

A full-body energy orgasm (also known as a cosmic or spiritual orgasm) is a mysterious sexual, spiritual and energetic phenomenon that is currently gaining recognition and acclaim.

Humans are made up of energy, and we can channel our more erotic and sensual energy into pleasure. Simply described, an energy orgasm is a flushing and disbursement of the sexual energy throughout the entire body.

Sexual energy can tend to get "stuck" in the genital area and can produce outward effects only. An energy orgasm is harnessing this energy release and directing its potency inwardly and channeling it up. In preserving this energy internally it transforms into a super-sensory, magical, spiritual ecstasy that ripples throughout your entire being – mind, body, and soul – in the form of a spiritual orgasm.

Jaiya, a practitioner for over 2 decades as a Somatic Sexologist and Sexological Bodyworker, and author of 4 books, explains, "just like developing your orgasm muscles, you have to develop your energetic muscles. Practice the tools that helped you get there in the first place. For me, those tools include; breathing, intention, touch, movement, sound, and erotic thought."

Brilliant Illusion II by Chiron Duong
Brilliant Illusion II by Chiron Duong, 2018

How to achieve an Energetic Orgasm?

Sensory stimulation can be one of the key players when playing with energetic orgasms. One of the easiest ways to settle into your energetic body is by closing down the eyes or blindfolding, by completely eliminating the sense of sight lets our other senses take charge. Using sensory items like Feather Ticklers, Paddles or Ice over the body can start to trigger our brain to tap out of our thinking mind and channel focus on sensual and erotic touch.

“The energetic body surrounds the physical body just like a glove.” - Sofia Sundari

Breath is another key elements of experiencing an energetic orgasm. Jaiya considers 'breath as one of the most potent tools. Transmutation of breath is often the gateway to opening your energetic body.' Getting yourself into a mediative state by closing the eyes and encouraging the breath, whether it's a slow and deep pattern or something more rhythmic and fast, the breath will start to intuit the energy you're feeling. If you're with a partner breathing in sync with your partner will also increase energy between you. 


Focusing on the genitals or getting your partner to hover their hand above them is another great way to direct attention and energy toward your sexual organs. Moving the energy from the base of your pelvis up your spine is when the whole body begins to feel a pleasurable sensation.   

Sofia Sundari, an international tantra teacher and leader focused on spirituality and embodied intimacy, explains: “A huge difference between physical orgasm and energetic full-body orgasm is that in physical orgasm, we are grasping for pleasure when in the energetic orgasm, we let go into complete surrender.”

Painting by Reynier Llanes. "The Poet," 2021 (oil on canvas, 47 x 36 inches).

Painting by Reynier Llanes. "The Poet," 2021, Oil on canvas.

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