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9 Aphrodisiacs to Know

9 Aphrodisiacs to Know

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." - Laozi, Tao Te Ching 

Maca Root

An ancient Peruvian root that has been used by native Peruvians for thousands of years for its medicinal properties; Maca Root. Now identified as a key aphrodisiac, as studies find the link between consuming Maca and strengthening one's sexual desire. As Maca Root is an adaptogen, it naturally balances and regulates hormones that link to sexual function. 

Cordyceps Mushrooms

Found to increase testosterone levels in both young and elderly men. It has also been shown to reduce fatigue and improve blood flow, making it a useful all-around energy and fertility booster. It may also directly stimulate sex centers in both the male and female brain. Take these as a daily supplement in tincture form by adding to your morning coffee or smoothie. 


Commonly known for its general vitality and energy it brings to those who consume it regularly. Some studies have shown it to be effective in both men and women for increasing desire and performance, as well as improving reproductive capacity. 


 Maca Root for balancing hormones and boosting libido - Hall of Harper


Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed as it reveals in the name itself is among the core herbal aphrodisiacs. Given its name by Chinese goat herders who noticed their flocks’ sexual behaviour increased when grazing in fields of it.

Horny Goat Weed contains a compound called Icariin, which has been shown to have Viagra-like qualities and can promote stronger longer lasting erections. Icariin is a PDE inhibitor, so in men, it keeps the blood flowing more effectively in the right place by opening up the blood vessels. Horny goat weed is found in most mixed herbal aphrodisiacs; this can be taken in a capsule mixed with other herbs.


Pycnogenol (Supplement)

Extracted from the bark of French maritime pine trees, it's been found to be both an effective natural aphrodisiac and a fertility enhancer men and women. Pycnogenol is clinically proven to treat erectile dysfunction, enhance sperm motility, and has strong aphrodisiac qualities in women. 


Aphrodisiacs to know - Hall of Harper


Sultan’s Paste | Mesir paste | Ottoman paste

Once a Turkish secret, this paste goes by all sorts of names and is made up of over 40 herbs and spices including fenugreek, saffron and ginger. It has been consumed for over 500 years and its ingredients really can improve blood flow and increase energy and desire. While it’s hard to pin down exactly which are the most active ingredients, fenugreek in particular has measurable aphrodisiac qualities for men and women. The Paste has a molasses-like consistency, and it comes in a jar. You can eat it straight off the spoon (it has a sweet, spicy, exotic taste) with a recommendation of 1-2 spoons a day for ultimate effect. 



Ashwaganda is an aphrodisiac as it has been long established in history, the legendary 'Kama Sutra' has made mentions of the plant as one of the very powerful sexual stimulants. Ashwagandha is recognised as an adaptogen that strengthens the adrenal glands to improve lowering stress, making it easier to slip into the mood.

For men taking this plant in powder or capsule form, the production of nitric oxide is stimulated in the body, resulting in blood vessels that carry blood to the genitals being dilated.


Ashwaganda is one of the key ingredients in the Desire Gummies

Desire Gummies by Dame - Hall of Harper Australia



Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has a chemical composition with feel-good compounds. Theobromine, a central nervous system stimulant, is similar to caffeine but is said to have mood-boosting capabilities as well. Chocolate also contains phenethylamine, which, along with theobromine, can trigger endorphin and dopamine release.

Gifting anything to your partner causes a release of oxytocin in the recipient, which is why gifting chocolate in particular can lead to even more feelings of attraction and bonding.


Aphrodisiacs to know - photo by Eikoh Hosoe - hall of harper 


Deemed as the 'fruit of love', pomegranate is delicious, high in antioxidants and has recently been shown to increase testosterone and sex drive in both men and women. Eat it fresh with the seeds, or drink it as juice. This fruit is filled with vitamin E, potassium and B vitamins all essential for sex hormone production. 


Pomegranate for boosting sex hormones - Natural Aphrodisiacs - Hall of Harper

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