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Having officially launched of November 2022, Hall of Harper has increasing been acknowledged for its sophisticated and elegant approach to sex, culture and sensuality. 

Read what the press have been saying below.

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"The Gucci of sex stores has arrived on the Gold Coast."

"Displaying sex toys like jewellery and art, Hall of Harper offers an intimate escape where customers of any orientation can discover new pleasures."

"At first glance, you may mistake the space for an eccentric art gallery, where erotic art, sensual books, and intricate flower displays line the walls. Did we mention there is also a champagne bar on site?"

"Tucked away in a dimly lit room inside of the Gold Coast’s iconic Condom Kingdom, HOH is a one-of-a-kind experience dedicated to enhancing and enchanting the desires of its customers. With walls embellished by erotic art, a huge selection of vibrators, arousal serums, lingerie, bondage, sensual games, erotic books, staff equipped with a wealth of knowledge, and beautifully scented candles."

Here's what sex was like for our ancestors

A written history piece for Fashion Journal highlighting how the last 200 years has made us more conservative than ever.

Our first write up in the Weekend Edition

The weekend Hall of Harper officially launched on November the 1st in 2022

Why more people are trying bondage than ever before

A written piece for Body + Soul on how the rise of bondage has increased more than ever with thanks to the rise of Netflix and Tiktok.