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Why we love The Juliet Pleasure Wand™

Why we love The Juliet Pleasure Wand™

Unlock the sacred mystery of female ejaculation and expansive cervical orgasms

Perfect for self-pleasure or incorporating into partnered sex, this all natural crystal wand available in Rose Quartz or Black Obsidian has been thoughtfully and intentionally crafted to lengthen your sexual pleasure and re-sensitise you to the incredible benefits of slowing down and connecting deeply with self.


Rose Quartz sex wand designed for g-spot orgasms


Good Vibrations

The natural frequency within crystals helps to energetically bring about a higher level of consciousness and vibration to our body and sexual pleasure as well as deepen our relationship to body and self.


All Natural

Each crystal wand is hand polished, 100% natural crystal from the earth that has been cleansed and charged with sunlight and moon energy.


Rose Quartz sex wand designed for g-spot orgasms


Designed for Pleasure

The curve in this Black Obsidian Pleasure Wand is designed to gently reach the G-spot and stimulate the cervix, opening the doors to experience deeper orgasms, including the sacred mystery of female ejaculation and expansive cervical orgasms. Read more about how to achieve a cervical orgasm here.



Pleasure Wands for g-spot and cervical orgasm 100% crystal charged


Black Obsidian – Chakra Healing

Shop the 100% Black Obsidian Pleasure Wand™

An intensely protective stone, Black Obsidian is known to help clear buildup of psychic smog within your aura as well as shield against physical and emotional negativity.

Cleanse yourself of disharmony, negative attachments, emotional blockage and old patterns to instead promote clarity and enhance your sense of protection.


Rose Quartz – Unconditional Love

Shop the 100% Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand™

Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love and is known to open the heart chakra and increase and expand feelings of self-love, self-worth and love for others. We highly recommended Rose Quartz for anyone who wants to feel sexually empowered on a daily basis.

Users report that the sexual pleasure derived from our Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand is like a ‘heartgasm,’ opening them up to a deep trust, harmony and respect both for self and others.


crystal dildo for g-spot orgasm



5 Star Reviews of the Pleasure Wand

The Rose Quartz self Pleasure Wand has empowered me to no longer stay in toxic sexual relationships with men, as I’ve realised how intensely I can experience pleasure on my own with the help of the crystal pleasure wand. I find this form of self care so empowering, the most wonderful energy release and leaves me feeling so confident in my skin and connected to myself on a deeper level. Highly recommend for any woman looking to deepen her connection to herself. I have left a long time relationship recently, so this has been a game changer for navigating feelings of loneliness and coming back to myself. Thank you for creating such a beautiful product.


A very special object, which really feels more like a facilitator and partner. Has lead to some deep, gushing, heart opening experiences, both solo and with my partner.

— A

My partner and I used the Rose Quartz Wand last night and I have the most incredible orgasm, the energy brought me and my partner together as one as we used this to bring our relationship to an even deeper level, and also heal trauma that I hold. I released such a loud noise when I came, it was a release I have been trying to find for years now. Thank you for creating such a soul defying product.

— R

I didn’t expect to love this pleasure wand the way I do! I was a bit skeptical, but there’s something about the crystal, and the shape that are INCREDIBLE! I’m a new mom and newly single, so this is a great way to explore myself and re-enter the dating world.

— K

Since gifting myself The Juliet Black Obsidian Pleasure Wand I’ve been experiencing profound shifts, both energetically and physically. In the past, I was quite intimidated by Obsidian for its power and presence. Ever since the wand arrived, I’ve been experiencing peaks and portals and waves of pleasure in deep vaginal, cervical and g-spot ways that I have never accessed before. The Obsidian has assisted me in tapping into my fundamental root power and I feel safe in the world again for the first time in 2 years since the birth trauma I went through. Thank you for this gift!! 

— B

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