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Masturbation Month

Masturbation Month

Reconnecting with solo pleasure

Masturbation, a topic often easily joked about among some, a practise not often done by others. With your libido being such an easy health marker that you can monitor, why not try and step up your solo time this month and feel the benefits?

For the month of May we invite vulva owners to create the time and space for you to reconnect with yourself.

  Explore our challenges below. You can pick and choose from the weeks what best suits you. 

May Masturbation Month Challenge Hall of Harper Surfers Paradise.


3 mornings this week set your alarm earlier than you normally wake. Slowly run your hands over your body and explore what feels good. Use only your your hand for 5 minutes, after 5 minutes include the use of a wand, a vibrator or suction toy. Start your day and notice your energy, mood and mental space. 


Masturbation why is it good for you? Explore a month challenge to reconnect with yourself


Heat is an amazing way to de-stress. Heat is also an amazing way to warm your body up and get it in the mood. Run yourself a bath for some solo time this week, or if you don't have a bath take a nice long shower before or while you masturbate.

Other things to try are: 

• Taking a warm wash towel and letting this lay between your legs for 5 minutes, this increases blood flow to your vulva leading to heightened sensitivity and increased lubrication. 

• Purchasing a crystal or glass wand (don't worry the glass is shatter proof), heating your wand in a bowl of warm/hot water throw some pillows under your lower back and target your G-spot. 

Take a mental note of what you liked, didn't like and what made you feel the best. 


Masturbation why is pleasure good for you



Using a mirror. Many people are very shy to look with a mirror while pleasuring themselves. This week we invite you to use a mirror every time you masturbate. Set your pillows up on the floor to create a comfy space, or lean a hand mirror up against a pillow and look at your vulva. Notice any thoughts you have when looking at it. Remind yourself that your body is uniquely your own, and that no two vulvas look alike. Appreciate this little pleasure centre for all it does for you. Once you orgasm, notice any thoughts you have when looking at your body. Journal these down as a way to recalibrate. 

Masturbation Challenge - 30 day challenge 2023




Try something new.  Experimenting with your body by yourself is one of the best times to figure out what you like or don't like. For the final week of the challenge we invite you to try something you have never done before, whether that is a butt plug, a suction toy, a wand, dual stimulation, a blindfold or an arousal serum

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