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What happens to your brain during orgasm?

What happens to your brain during orgasm?
Photo by Attepmt Florist 

 Did you know that there are 30 Active parts of the brain are involved in orgasm. Certain regions of the brain that fire up and other parts shut down, revealing the mystery of orgasm afterglow. 

Logic shuts down

When sexually aroused certain feelings of fear, anxiety and logic may dissipate. This is due to a region in the brain called the lateral orbitofrontal cortex that begins to shut down during sex. This region is responsible for decision-making and rational thought. 


The study above evaluating the female brain when different regions of the genitals are stimulated by fMRI evidence scans.


Pleasurable Overlaps

"Sex is experienced as pleasurable and this is because the reward pathways in our brains are activated during and leading up to orgasm. These are the very same networks that are activated in response to drug use, alcohol consumption, gambling, listening to your favourite song or enjoying a delicious meal," said sexologist and clinical psychologist Daniel Sher. 

Trust and Love post orgasm Hall of Harper

Trust and Love Flood the Brain

The surge of two impressive hormones that influence our feelings of trust and connection flood the body during and post orgasm. Oxytocin, known as the 'love hormone,' is the intense bonding ability we have during orgasm and potentially post-sex. Oxytocin also has the ability to wipe out cortisol, our major stress hormone.  While dopamine is a hormone that is responsible for feelings of pleasure, motivation and desire. The combination of these hormones creates the pathway for very happy, warm feelings after orgasm, whilst also taking away the build up of stress.







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