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How to Unlock a Full Body Orgasm

How to Unlock a Full Body Orgasm


How to have a cervical orgasm 

For the cervix, it is all about the pressure.

The cervix does register sensation, specifically the sensations of pressure—so much so that some people find deep penetration during intercourse a bit too intense or downright painful. Particularly if they are not sufficiently stimulated.

When you are sufficiently aroused and relaxed, stimulation of the cervix can contribute to a very intense orgasmic experience. So taking your time with foreplay will make a huge difference.

Take it slow.

Positions that allow for deep penetration, like doggie style, are often best for having a cervical orgasm. But make sure that you don’t attempt them until you are fully turned on. Start with a clitoral orgasm first.


Focus on relaxing the body and registering the sensations. As arousal progresses, you can use deep breaths to simultaneously build the sexual energy and ease into the experience of being so deeply penetrated. And most important, don’t chase the orgasm. Relax into the experience and let the orgasm come to you.


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Using your Pleasure Wand

Start with deciding what temperature you want your glass pleasure wand to be. Place in either warm water or cold water for 5-10 minutes, apply lube and start internally massaging your internal vagina walls.

Using a specially curved wand, angled to hit the right place without you having to painfully contort your wrist, allows you to go deeper. Using a pillow underneath your lower back will also allow for deeper penetration. 

Glass sex toys are perfect to stimulate your cervix and G-spot as they have enough weight and are sufficiently solid to give a nice hefty amount of pressure, which is what your cervix responds to best. The internal ribbing on the wand will add extra stimulation. 

Take your time exploring with your glass pleasure wand, stimulation builds and continuous motions will encourage a full body orgasm which can also result in squirting.  


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