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5 Intimate Gifts to Give this Christmas

5 Intimate Gifts to Give this Christmas

Image by @overexposures

At the end of the year, chaos creeps up upon all of us, between holiday celebrations and gift giving it is easy to get lost and lose touch with our partners. The ones that support and take care of us all year round. This Christmas, we have listed five of our favourite gifts to give that special someone. Whether you have been in partnership for years or recently started seeing someone, these sensual gifts are a perfect way to reconnect and heat things up.

Love Dice

A timeless gift to invite a little more playfulness. Enjoy this simple game of dice with your partner as a fun way to warm up the night.

Love Dice

The Feather

Full body arousal from one vibrating feather. Perfect for foreplay, massaging and arousing new sensations all over the body.  


Kama Sutra: A Position a Day

The ideal book to start the new year with. Kama Sutra: A Position a Day offers 365 ways to reach pleasure in new, experimental ways. A visual guide that will pique curiosity and allow a safe space to try new things together.

Kama Sutra

Arousal Serum

Our favourite plant-derived, unisex arousal serum to heat things up. Made from peppermint, clove and ginger essential oils whilst being PH balanced, this serum is great to invite in an extra dose of pleasure and sensation.

Arousal Serum 

Intima Silk Blindfold

A simple, yet luxurious silk blindfold is a wonderful way to heighten our other senses. 

Silk Blindfold











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A classic reimagined by us for you.  Discover a playful twist on an old classic. Enjoy this simple game of dice with your partner as a fun way to warm up the night. Simply roll...


Liquid Foreplay The Arousal Serum is made of a pH-balanced, uni-sex formula containing natural ingredients, that will awaken your clitoris or tip of the penis with a warm, satis...


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