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Sensual Passionflower Herbal Blend

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Herbal aphrodisiacs to pair with sacred plants

Passion Flower Herbal Blend by High Sun Low Moon is a tobacco replacement created for ceremonial use. Living up to its name, this herbal blend enhances pleasure and presence. Made from 100% organic herbs and assembled by hand in Austin Texas, this tobacco substitute is great to use in pre-rolls, vaping devices or as a tea. 

Product Details:

  • Designed to bring, pleasure, presence and intimacy
  • Made from 100% Organic Herbs
  • Tobacco substitute 
  • Each pouch rolls 20 to 25 cigarettes.


  • Rose, Damiana, Passion flower, Lavender, Peppermint and Mullein


Can I replace tobacco with other herbs or plants?

Yes! There are many different herbs that are perfectly safe to smoke. The tastes and smells are very different from tobacco so we encourage you to try them over 13 tries to get used to the new tastes and sensations. As always, combustion of any sort is not ideal for our lungs (and should be consumed in extreme moderation). We recommend using these herbal blends in a vaping device for optimal healing benefits without sacrificing our precious airways.


Can these herbs get me high?

These herbs are not psychoactive like THC (and are of course, 100% legal), though they will have an effect on your mind and body depending on the plant. We recommend trying them in the comfort of your home the first time to fully understand the effects and to find the proper dosage when mixing with other sacred plants.


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