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Lucid Stream: Tonic for UTI Support

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Dimensional support for Urinary Discomfort

Flow Freely - Flush, Soothe and Relax.

A perfect herbal tinctures designed to relive UTI pain and discomfort.  UTIs are painful, annoying and hard to shake. If you're susceptible to getting UTIs this is a perfect tonic to keep close for when those unwelcome symptoms arise. 

Use it:

  • To encourage flow & flush unwelcome microbes
  • To soothe painful urination
  • To settle anxiety & preoccupation
  • Midflight
  • Post-sex
  • As occasional preventative care


  • Dry
  • Woody
  • Tingly


  • With water and unsweetened Cranberry juice if it’s accessible.
  • Try to avoid acids, sugars and alcohol.
  • *Speak to your healthcare provider if issues persister beyond a day or recur frequently. 


  • Goldenrod
  • Usenet
  • Corn silk
  • Kava
  • Ritualised with essence of Water Buttercup flower
  • Extracted in Distilled water, Cane Spirits

Soaked, strained and poured in small batches.

Bottled in 100mls.



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