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Discover Sensual Literature by PEEKU Stories

Discover Sensual Literature by PEEKU Stories

What ignites us is unique to each individual. Often times we feel our sex drive may be lacking or our libdo is not "normal" when comparing to others. However, have you ever taken the time to experiment with stimulation that moves away from the in-your-face-visuals we often get in our 21st century and tried something that plays out solely in your imagination? 

We spoke to the founders of PEEKU Stories about how written erotica allows you to dive deeper into the foundations of your sexuality.


For someone who has never read written erotica, can you speak to the benefits of it?

At PEEKU, we believe that written erotica can have an enormously positive effect on your sex life and sexual self-image. The benefits are not limited to reading. Above all, the process of writing helps you connect with your sensual self and discover your own needs and also your limits. Becoming aware of this boosts your overall self-confidence because you know exactly what you want and what you don't want. Written erotica can be the push to communicate your own sexual desires and fantasies with your sexual partner in real life as well, and perhaps even act them out together or alone. In addition, reading is an ideal way to calm down, because it not only relaxes the mind but also the body by lowering the heartbeat and relaxing the tension in your muscles. And we all know that our overall health improves when we are relaxed, which can also have a positive effect on our sex drive.


What inspired you to create PEEKU?

We luckily both have always been able to talk about our sex life and the associated desires, but also about our doubts and fears.
The open approach to the topic of sexuality and the exchange with each other has positively influenced our sex life and strengthened our own self-confidence enormously. In conversations with friends and other women, we have always found that it isn't that easy for everyone to talk about sex.  Many are ashamed to express their needs. Mostly it even starts one step before. Women are often hesitant to deal with their own sexuality and to face their fantasies by not taking their pleasure seriously enough. With PEEKU we offer a platform for erotic literature. By women for women. It is especially important to us that our stories are user generated. We want to support women to discover their individual sexual self-image, therefore it helps a lot to take your time and write down what you like and what you can imagine, all packed in a spicy story. A fantasy first and foremost is a fantasy. It's totally normal to have them and they don't have to become true if you don't want that. So, on the one hand, the readers of the stories can be inspired and stimulated by the content, but at the same time they see "Hey, I'm not alone with my thoughts and needs and that's totally okay.”


When it comes to pleasure and turn-ons would you say that the imagination can be a powerful stimulant more so in women than men? Does your readership demographic support this? 

Studies show that women are significantly less attracted to visual and auditory stimuli than men. Women actually prefer to get into the mood with their personal head cinema. The imagination is very individual and characterized by your own experiences, memories, or for example, smells that you associate with something specific. We like to do this experiment where we give a story to five different women to read. Afterward, we ask them to tell us how they received the story. It's always exciting to see five totally different stories come out of it. For example, each woman sees a different setup, different places, different people, and maybe there is different music playing in the background. Also, while the process of writing your own stories, you dive into your inner desires and bring them to life, even if just in your mind. So, everyone experiences their own individual fantasy as they like it, and in our eyes, that can only happen with literature in connection with their own imagination.
Our users confirm that they are often rather distracted by visual and auditory stimuli than turned on. With the slow medium of literature, where any external stimuli are dispensed from, we offer a space where they can fully concentrate on themselves and the experience of their own fantasy.



What's the most popular written erotica on PEEKU that you would recommend? 

Currently, the most popular categories on the platform are STRANGERS, LOVELY HOURS, and SAME SAME.
By now, the most popular story is "Datenight", from the STRANGERS category.
Below you’ll find a sneaky peek of the story:
… Leaning against the wall, he watches me, his eyes seething. I start to unbutton his shirt, looking deep into his eyes the whole time. "You want more, right? What did you have in mind?" I have now reached the end of his shirt and am now making a pass at his belt buckle. With one hand I reach into his pants and embrace his cock, which is already quite hard. I kiss him and whisper in his ear "I want you to give it to me fast and hard, right here and right now." He grabs me and lifts me, I wrap my legs around him. "Mhh, I'll have to see what I can do about that," he replies. He wanders his kisses down my neck, over my collarbone, embraces my breasts, and kisses them too …
If you want to read more spicy stories or share your own fantasies with the users, visit our prototype platform and create a free account.

Visit here.


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