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The Surrender of Solo Pleasure

Solo Surrender and Pleasure

How do you define surrender? Is it giving up control, releasing expectations, or is it simply handing the reigns to someone else? Keeping a tight grasp on control inhibits us from the serendipitous moments that make our life so wonderful, that let us feel pleasure to its full potential. When it comes to solo pleasure everyone can encounter their internal dialogue wrestling with expectations. Taking regular time out within the week to spend time alone and confront the internal measures and standards we have for ourselves are one of the best ways to release control and check in with what feels good.

Photography by Martina Matencio

A zen teaching encourages the idea of 'don't know mind' or 'beginners mind'. To approach the tasks or activities we have done for years and treat it as if it is the first time. Having the 'beginners mind' we can experience things with a new sense of curiosity and wonder. Adopting this mindset to our self-pleasuring practice invites in all the novelty that we may have forgotten and releases our stubborn expectations. 

Self Pleasure 

Some of our favourites to get us in the mood and helpful keys to self pleasure are the Ora 3Oh La La Lube and Icicles No.08.

Ora 3 by Lelo

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