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The power of erotic audio

The power of erotic audio

Is sex in your imagination better than sex in real life? We spoke with the founder, Celine Fierro, from OhCleo about the power of Erotic audio.

Erotic Audio - the power of stimulation

For someone who has never used erotic audio before, could you speak a to the benefits of it? 

For a lot of people the imagination is stronger than the visual. You can hear a voice and picture any person or fantasy into it so it's very flexible. You can listen to it everywhere and sometimes it's a very nice feeling to feel a little horny. 

What inspired you to create the OhCleo App?

I am very interested in health and wellbeing and I think sex is an important part of that. I found it difficult to find well produced authentic content. The apps on the market didn't speak to me so we launched with content that we believe has a high quality and at the same time feels very authentic. Over the years we have worked with a lot of phenomenal content creators that do this for a living so we decided to take our journey of authentic content one step further by creating a platform where creators can publish their own content. a platform where Spotify meets Patreon but for audio erotica.  

the power of erotic audio

Any advice to someone who wants to try it but still feels unsure? 

As with anything, just start! Do it when you want to have some me time at home with or without your toy. There are apps where you can start a trial for free and there is a lot of content on Youtube for free to listen to. 

Erotic audio listening

What's the most popular audio to listen to? 

I would say some sensual stories are popular with a great buildup and story line, it could be less or more explicit.  Users like to listen in the same way they would enjoy a Netflix series, they maybe come back again to the same series but usually listen to different ones.  Our dirty talks are quite popular too. Some users fall in love with some characters and their dirty talks and listen to the same person or tracks over and over again, almost like obsessed. They have the same amount of listening but different listening behaviours.

Want to dive in? 

Discover audio snippets on OhCleo's Instagram here, or download their app. Pair it back with our most popular toys, the Sona 2 or the Nova 2, or discover more favourites here.  

Oh Cleo erotic audio

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