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The Art of Foreplay

The Art of Foreplay

Foreplay is an art often rushed, but when done right will heighten sexual arousal, desire and intimacy.

A key aspect to foreplay is the mental stimulation it provides. In building anticipation through touching, kissing, licking, dirty talk, teasing and different sensations, it makes the physical pleasures that much more intense. 

  When it comes to foreplay, as long as it's consensual, pleasurable and safe, there's no right or wrong answer.

Discover the tools for foreplay inspiration below.


1800 illustrations of couples having sex Hall of Harper foreplay ideas

The feather Vibrator Hall of Harper

The Feather

One of our favourite toys for extending the foreplay game longer. Starting on the low setting run this toy across your partner's body. Focus on areas that don't see the sun often but are not the erogenous zones; areas include, the neck, sides of the body, inner thighs, navel, ears and inner arms. Once you're ready to go further, turn the vibration setting up higher and run it across the key erogenous zones.

As this toy is so thin and little we love that you can still use this while having sex for clitoral stimulation without feeling like it's in the way.

This toy dips into sensation play making this perfect to include an addition of ice or warmed massage oil over the body while playing. 

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Massage Oil Hall Of Harper Foreplay Ideas

Massage Oil

Nothing is more sensual than a massage to ease the tension. Stress plays a large factor in libido so taking 20 (or 10 minutes each) to forget the day will put the mind in the right state. 

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Moxie Pantie Vibrator Hall of Harper foreplay ideas with kids


The Moxie

Vulvas need more attention when it comes to getting in the mood, and nothing quite speeds this up than a pantie vibe. Not only will your partner with the control be mentally stimulated watching the other, but the one wearing this tiny little silent device will be begging to go find a dark corner to have sex in.

Alternatively, if you have children, the Moxie is the ideal toy for warming up intimately without drawing attention and we've had many couples speak highly attesting to this.

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Red Patent Leather Blindfold Hall of Harper Foreplay ideas



Removing one sense will heighten the others. It creates a level of trust, communication and anticipation which always proves a great recipe for mental stimulation.

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Leather Flogger Hall Of Harper Foreplay ideas

Crop sexual crop hall of harper foreplay ideas

Crops & Floggers

While many people love this fun little kink, others may look at them as too aggressive or not identify as the type of person who would ever use one. If you take away what you know and use it solely as a sensation, running it softly across your partner's body, a little tap here or there, you might find this to be the type of excitement you've been craving. Great for trust, anticipation, sensation and mental engagement.

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