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Easy Wellness Resolutions

Easy Wellness Resolutions
Artwork by Giordanne Salley 

With the turn of the new year we welcome the conversation of change, resolutions and begin taking steps toward the person we want to be. However the weight of a long list of rigid goals can begin to feel unattainable and simply off putting. By crafting mindful intentions, without a time frame or a finish line we can evolve gracefully. We are already whole beings and not a project to be fixed, yet this opportunity of a new year is a great time to see the aspects of ourselves we want enhance. Below we have listed a few simple intentions to adopt. 


Milsae Kim Self Care
Artwork by Milsae Kim

Setting time alone with yourself and time alone with your partner

Once the festive season comes to a close our responsibilities and routines amp up and time seems to move twice as fast. Try set a time once a week for yourself, whether a long walk out in nature or time put aside for self-pleasure and exploration this time alone without the stimulation of technology or people lets our nervous system reset and align. The same goes for setting time with your partner, just the two of you away from the noise, keeping space in the calendar to reconnect with each other.


Queen Gabrielle
Image by Gabrielle


Nude Sunbathing 

We all know how wonderful the sunlight is, yet there are a handful of places over our body that never gets to receive the joys of it. Enjoy the warmth of sun all over your body while reconnecting to this vessel that does so much for you. With high levels of vitamin D studies show our sex drive increases, immunity is supported and mood elevates.


Pelvic floor exercises

Strengthening our pelvic floor has a host of benefits; improves bladder control, recovery from childbirth or prostate surgery and heightens sexual sensations and orgasms. Try every few days for 3 to 6 weeks consistently doing pelvic floor exercises to begin to see changes. This could be holding a bridge position and squeezing the glute muscles whilst visualising your pelvic floor tightening and releasing. Holding your bladder before going to the toilet is another easy way to strengthen the pelvic floor. For people with a vulva using Jade Eggs are a fantastic way to build up strength in addition to connecting and cleansing to your yoni. 



Meditation is no stranger to a new year resolution list, but is commonly lost within a few months. The key to meditation is consistency and compassion toward your self. The average human has about 60,000 thoughts per day so meditation is the perfect time to step out of the beating thoughts of the brain, and step back into the body. Once we're in the body and out of the mind, our ability to connect with pleasure can create profound and heightened changes. By adopting a daily practice, whether it is as soon as you rise in the morning or before sleep you will see a beautiful change in yourself and how quickly you are able to regulate your emotions in the chaos that the day may bring.  Something as simple as visualising a gold light travelling up and down your spine with the breath for 5 minutes has the potential to change your day for the better. 


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