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5 Stars for Moxie

5 Stars for Moxie


"Loved it so much on our first use we had to end our grocery trip early. Forgot half the stuff we came in for including the strawberries as we had to make a quick getaway for an orgasm in the car.  Discreet. Made my lady look like she just finished a marathon while in the customer service line." 

- Aaron. B


Why we love the moxie pantie vibrator



"My partner and I LOVE this, it's perfect for use around the house or if you're feeling a little frisky, out and about. Your partner can take control of the toy (with your permission), and it's quiet!"

- Hannah . J


Moxie pantie Vibe



"I've seen others complaining about the moxie for being too loud and not powerful enough, but this vibe is so much more quiet than any panty vibe I have used, nearly silent. It for sure would never be able to be heard with even the slightest background noise. It's also very small and discreet, but definitely packs a punch for how small it is. Using the app unlocked higher vibration quality, definitely use the app. Vibrations are more rumbly than high frequency but it was no issue. Feels really well made and solid too.

No complaints, high quality."

Kiely H.

Moxie Pantie Vibe


"This is amazing! I was looking for something that stayed in place. The magnet does just that! Love the app to control it. My husband loves having control even if he is not home! Only complaint is the remote does not have any control in completely stopping the device you can lower the intensity and switch modes but that’s it."

- Lali T.


Moxie Pantie Vibe



"My final thoughts on this vibrator are that We-Vibe Moxie is one of the best clit toys for long-distance couples looking for a way to reconnect. I was super impressed by its power and design, and it’s by far the best panty vibrator I’ve ever tried."

- Ellie. C



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