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Meet Anoeses

Meet Anoeses

A Ukrainian design driven brand inspired by eroticism, diversity and premium quality. ⁠

Founded in 2018, by Kostya and Katya Savvopulo, their growth as a couple shows the power of interdependency, secure attachment style, and co-creation, which reflects in the rise of the brand. 

The brand name has derived from the psychological term —anoesis. It's the feeling when our brain can receive pure impressions or sensations without cognitive context. We played a little and changed the letter 'i' for 'e'.


Founders of Anoeses 

Founders of Anoeses, Kostya and Katya Savvopulo



Their Mission 

"Our mission is to give people a motive for erotic exploration of themselves. We pursue it by creating a safe zone for all genders, bodies, ages, and sexualities to feel free and loved."


Anoese Corsets


Quality and Artistry 

Handcrafting identifies Anoeses. It is their approach to producing aesthetic products that give pleasure from the perception and to make an impact on emotionally. It correlates with the quality, beauty, and durability of the product.

"Every relationship starts with respect. Our relationships with materials are not an exception. We respect leather because it associates with something reliable and valuable, with something that can gain stories. Mesh fabric and biflex – with sophistication and closeness. Latex – with reincarnation or transformation and rebellion. We want the materials to open up their characters in a design. Therefore, we treat them with a human touch. Cut details, smooth the edges and sew the parts all together. It is through manual work that our products embody Anoeses brand identity."


Anoeses Leather corsets Keilir Corset

Shop the Keilir Corset here


Leather Work

Anoeses leather undergoes periodic verification of compliance with the product regulations by I.CE.C – Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector. Our products will serve and bring you pleasure for decades. By purchasing Anoeses, you invest in well-made and lasting clothes, which is a fundamental slow fashion principle.

We have an option of a vegan leather, which brings the same sensual joy as natural leather.


Shop latex by Anoeses

Shop Latex here

Latex Artistry

We use latex that is collected from local rubber plantations in Malaysia. It is a 100% renewable resource. No toxic chemicals are used in the production. 


Shop latex by anoeses in Australia



Anoeses has been seen on the likes of Madonna, Julia Fox, Blac Chyna, Cassandra Fine, Ciara, Violetta Komyshan and Chloe Bailey. 


Madonna wearing Anoeses

Madonna wearing the Yasmin Corset, shop here.


Shop the Aria corset as worn by Madonna

Shop the Aria Corset as worn by Madonna


Shop the Aria corset as worn by Madonna

Madonna wearing the Aria Corset, shop here.


Shop the Keilir corset as worn by Violetta Komyshan

Shop the Keilir corset as worn by Violetta Komyshan

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