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The Secret Game of Ancient India

The Secret Game of Ancient India

Secret late-night orgies 

In India, a devadasi was a female artist who was dedicated to the worship and service of a deity or a temple for the rest of her life. The dedication took place in a ceremony that was somewhat similar to a marriage ceremony. 

Dr. K. Jamanada in an article on Devadasi states that,

“A game of ‘ghat kanchuki’. It is described in the Hindu sastras as ‘chakrapuja’. M.M. Dr. P. V. Kane has described it in his ‘dharma sastra cha itihas’. He describes that, an equal number of men and women assemble secretly in the night, without any consideration of caste or relationship, and sit around a paper on which ‘chakra’ is drawn as a symbol of goddess. All the women remove their cholis and put it in a pot, and every man picks up a choli at random and selects his partner for the night. A Hindu Tantrika text, ‘Kularnava Tantra’, he says, mentions that God has ordered that, what ever good or bad transpires that night must never be disclosed. Kane had heard in his childhood that this puja was practiced in some cities in Maharashtra.”

Various scholars have used this passage and they say that ancient Indian history was filled with secret late-night orgies. Some also believe that it had nothing to do with sexual pleasures but it was a complex ritual to achieve higher forms of spirituality and divinity.


Late night orgies in Ancient India

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